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Mini Movies

Go Treasure Hunting With Us

Some of our "Treasures" are found in these Mini Movies. Some are humorous and some make you feel really good about yourself and the world. Some may ask you to look at things that you don't really like but by looking you can actually begin to make things better. We will be looking for more of these "Treasures" as we grow. If you come across any, please let us know about them.

When faced with evil in our society, we don't like to present it unless we are able to provide a way to make life better. It does not help man to be told how bad something is and leave him with an unacceptable solution.

If we must present the dark side of something, we will present opportunity for you to help make it right. We hope that you do take part as it takes each one of us doing our part. We all have choices even when we are told we have none.

Look elsewhere if you disagree with the choices given. Disagree with the way something is, if you don't like it. Find others who agree with you. We are changing the world. It is becoming a better place. Help us tell the rest of the world more "right" things that are available and how they can contribute.