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Mini Movies

Marine Phytoplankton in

"Another Day"

This is a mini movie provided by Why Plankton. The movie tells about this newly available food that is making a big difference in our lives. Joyce and I have been seeing physical changes in our own bodies that are very unusual for people our age (over 50).

This mini movie provides a heart warming story you'll love seeing a couple of times.

If you only have a few minutes, look at one segment at a time. Bookmark this site, and come back for the other segments. You don't want to miss any part. In our opinion, each segment gives inspiration and new hope for man's future.

Please note, each segment ends abruptly. Just exit and click on the next segment to continue. If you have Broadband access, view the Full Story at once if you have time.

We invite you to learn more. You can visit the Why Plankton website for more information.

We are independent distributors of ForeverGreen which carries a product that contains Marine Phytoplankton. You can learn more about ForeverGreen and this product by going to

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